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Welcome Qualenet Company

Qualenet is a knowledge oriented company based in London which designs and provides networking products based on recent needs of its clients and also is the supplier of extensive range of cables and cabling end-to-end solutions, focusing on provision of increased performance and the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial buildings to achieve the most possible savings in time and cost.

We fully dedicate ourselves to fulfill all your requirements through seizing new technology trends as well as investing in the development of new products. Such approach has leaded us to design and provide new products based on ease use, implementation and high efficiency. 

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Qualenet Service

Why Use Qualenent Qualified, Trained or Certified Consultants/Architects for your project?

Project Assistance

Qualenet Service

Enterprising project managers follow the easy path to design and installation resource selection. They let Qualenet do the research

Installation Services

Qualenet Service

Qualenet’s global network of highly-trained Certified Installers (CIs) ensures quality system installations

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All Qualenet products are supported with a twenty five-year quality warranty.